25 tune iPod shuffle

Remember this doing the rounds on Facebook a few years ago? Thought I’d do another… retro is good, right?

I put my iPod (other portable media players are available) on shuffle – here are the first lines (excluding “ooh-ahh-baby”-ing over the intro) from the first 25 songs (non-instrumental) that it played.

Your job is to name the song and the artist. No cheating. 🙂

Be warned, my music taste is eclectic and this iPod has over 5000 songs on it.

Put your answers in a comment, or tweet me. Have fun…


1) Good times bad times, baby you’re trouble.

2) My heart is empty, you’re eyes are dull.

3) Downhearted and confused because baby you’ve been starting to lose.

4) You’re a law unto yourself, and we don’t suffer dreamers.

5) Tongue tied I’m short of breath don’t even try

6) Who wants to be right as rain, it’s better when something is wrong

7) Out of a million seeds only the strongest one breathes.

8) I want to run, I want to hide.

9) Save some face, you know you’ve only got one.

10) Waking to these sounds again, I wonder how I’ll sleep

11) Day starts with a blast of feedback.

12) I hear the sound of the ticking of clocks.

13) I can’t see you Mama but I can’t hardly wait.

14) Your life is a story I’ve already written, the news is that I am in control.

15) How ever much I push it down it’s never enough.

16) I love you, steel painted eyes.

17) I had a picture of you in my head, it kept me warm when you were not there.

18) While my mind is at rest, while my mind is at rest.

19) Here I go, out to sea again.

20) Sittin’ here eating my heart out waiting.

21) Every time I think of you, I feel a shock right through.

22) Before you go and leave this town, I want to see you one more time.

23) Never had a point of view because my mind was always someone else’s, mind.

24) He’s on the phone, and she wants to go home.

25) Welcome to your life, there’s no turning back.

Product placement vs. artistic statement

If anyone has happened to watch a Lady Gaga music video, you can’t have helped notice the appearance of commercial products.

So, the question is…

Is it just blatant product placement to help defray the costs of making a music video?


An artistic statement by Gaga about the commercialism and consumerism of our everyday lives?

Shallow? Or deep? Just wondering…