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Mike Hughes is an internet engineering professional with over 20 years of industry experience, over half of those running the network operations at the key Internet hub LINX (the London Internet Exchange), initially in network engineering and latterly as Chief Technical Officer.

Nowadays he’s part of the team that gets the updates to your phones, games into your consoles, and streams shows to your smart TV, at global content network Limelight Networks.

As well as running networks, Mike is also active within the various global Network Operations communities, such as UKNOFRIPE and NANOG meetings. He believes these communities are a core strength in the continued development of a successful Internet.

He has previously served as a RIPE Working Group chair, and a 4 year term on the Programme Committee for NANOG.

Mike is heavily involved in the organisation of UKNOF meetings, initially one of the founding Programme Committee members, and more recently as a Director of UKIF, the legal entity that supports UKNOF.

Mike is an industry expert with specialities that include building metro ethernet networks, running programmes, managing engineering teams, working with small businesses and startups, public speaking, technical evangelism, and technical advisory roles.

Mike is also involved in several areas of voluntary work, including a Trusteeship of a Students’ Union.

If you’re wondering why Mike sometimes drifts off into writing about transport and travel related topics, there’s two good reasons: One, he consumes a lot of it, and two, that’s what his Degree is in.

Sad but necessary legal disclaimer: Views and opinions expressed here are solely those of the author in a personal capacity. They do not represent the views or opinions of the author’s employers, customers or other organisations the author may be affiliated with, unless expressly stated.


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