Meerkats vs. Nectar Points

In a change from normal programming…

There’s a lot of competition between comparison sites in the UK, and the favoured weapon in the arsenal seems to be bonus giveaway: Compare the Market give away toys of the meerkat characters from their advertising, while are giving away Nectar points.

So, suspending belief that the primary reason we go to these sites is to get a good deal on some insurance, on monetary terms alone which is the better value? The Meerkat or the Nectar points?

Nectar Points have a rough monetary value of 0.5p each – 500 points = £2.50 is the usual redemption value. give away 1000 Nectar points if you buy insurance through their website, so that’s worth a fiver.

Cuddly Meerkats currently have a resale value on Ebay for about £30-40 each, and you claim one when you buy car or home insurance.

Looks like the Meerkats win. Simples.

…we now return you to the usual stuff that Sergei would find interesting.