The best thing EE could introduce at LTE launch is…

…a LTE mobile access point, or “mi-fi”.

There’s been lots of excitement about the iPhone 5 supporting 1800Mhz LTE, perfect for EE’s deployment in the UK. But, forget about new handsets, tablets and USB dongles for a minute.

Almost every gadget you already own is wifi enabled. Why spend vast amounts of dosh on making this LTE friendly while the market isn’t fully developed?

Stick a LTE capable mi-fi in your bag and you’re ready to take advantage of the faster data service on your existing kit – your laptop, your phone, your tablet, your camera, etc.


4 thoughts on “The best thing EE could introduce at LTE launch is…”

  1. Do you know whether the EE LTE network offers native IPv6? If it doesn’t, I expect anything behind a mi-fi type device will find their traffic passing through at least two layers of NAT and maybe more.

  2. Or get a iPhone 5 LTE and use the personal hotspot feature to connect your various devices – then you don’t have to carry a extra device around that can get lost…

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