Once an iPhone user, always an iPhone user?

I happened to come across an interesting graph while looking at the stats which photo-sharing site Flickr collect from the EXIF data that sometimes arrives with the uploaded images.

One of the things contained in the EXIF data is what sort of device produced the image, who made it, what model, etc. Flickr analyses this in the “Camera Finder“.

Here’s the graph of the most popular cameraphones used on images posted to Flickr over the past 12 months.

Graph of most popular mobile phone cameras that upload images to flickr

One thing this seems to confirm is that iPhone users seem to be a faithful bunch.

The other thing it confirms is the theory that many iPhone users don’t upgrade their handset with every generation, but are likely to “skip” a generation – borne out by the step decline in iPhone 3G images matched by a step growth in images posted from the 4S, while the iPhone 4 only sees a small dip coinciding with the release of the 4S.

The 3GS has a steadily dwindling userbase, and it will be interesting to see if and how these jump ship. I still have a 3GS. In the main I’m happy with it and what it does, and there’s nothing which tells me I need to upgrade to a 4S. I guess that places me into the “long tail” of 3GS users.

It’s also interesting to note the Apple domination of the top 5. I wonder if that graph will look the same by this time next year?

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