Dell Acquisition Taking Hold at Force 10?

It seems the rDell/Force 10 combined logoecent acquisition of Force 10 by Dell is starting to make itself felt, and not only in a change of the logo on the website.

Eagle-eyed followers of the product information on their website will have noticed the complete disappearance of the product information for the chassis-based Zettascale switch, the Z9512, which was announced back in April.

Fortunately, thanks to our friends at Google, they have saved us a copy for posterity of what it might have looked like.

The Z9512 promised a lot in terms of high port density vs. power consumption, it being equivalent in 10G port count to larger chassis such as Cisco’s 18-slot Nexus, and leap-frogging Brocade’s largest MLX, while being more economical on rackspace and power per port.

Let’s hope Dell aren’t making a bad move, and that the copy on Google doesn’t end up just a reminder of what might have been. It certainly does leave the door open for folk such as Arista if they have upgrades in the pipeline, and possibly for Extreme’s new X8 box (when it starts shipping, it shared a lot of spec equivalence with the Z9512), as well as more opportunities for the already established boxes such as the NX7k and MLX32.

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