SQ: Hey, folks in social housing, why not fly Business Class on our A380?

I have to wonder who is doing SQ’s media buying for billboard space, and what they might be smoking.

Why? Because at least four billboards in quick succession along the same road carried large ads suggesting one should try out SQ’s A380 Business Class product. So what? It’s some sort of blanket advertising campaign.

But, these billboards are along a road passing through an area which is characterised by social housing along one side, and light industrial units along the other. The average passerby is hardly the target market for round trips to Singapore at £3.5k a pop, right?

Being situated on the way to Belmarsh Prison (once dubbed the “British version of Guantanamo Bay”, and where the UK sends it’s really quite dangerous criminals), it’s not like it’s a through route for high rollers either. The folks passing by in these vehicles with blacked out windows aren’t likely to be leaving the country any time soon, unless they depart handcuffed to a police escort.

So, I’ll ask the question again. What is the media buyer responsible for these ads thinking?

I guess it got me thinking. I might fly SQ Biz to SIN, especially if someone else is paying. Maybe that’s the trick?

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