Weird Harmonics? A Whistling HP 6830 Printer?

I have a HP 6830 printer.

It is making a high-pitched, barely audible, but just enough to be annoying (to me anyway) whistling/singing noise, that sounds a bit like modem noise.

The frequency and pitch of the noise changes when it’s wifi client is switched off. It’s still there, just slightly different.

The whistling noise is still present even when the printer is in standby.

It changes pitch again when it is powered down.

It goes completely once the mains lead is removed, and returns when the mains lead is plugged back in.

Sadly, I’ve tried recording it, but nothing I’ve got seems to be able to pick it up clearly.

Anyone else got one and come across this?

6 thoughts on “Weird Harmonics? A Whistling HP 6830 Printer?”

  1. I found more and more “devices” do the same, like my Roomba (vacuum robot) charger, the remote plugs for my lamps, …
    So I guess this is something more and more common – and my HP all-in-one printer also does it, and I agree it is annoying…

  2. It could well be something in the switch-mode power-supply circuitry – they often run a ferrite-cored transformer in the low 10’s of kHz, and depending on the design the frequency or volume could be expected to vary with the load…

    Try using my audio spectrum analyser freeware at (for best results go into your microphone driver ‘properties’ and make sure echo-cancellation, ‘voice enhancements’/’background noise suppression’ and other such processing is turned off)

    1. A replacement (whole new printer by the sound of it) was despatched last night after a 15-20 minute webchat with a HP Support rep. Let’s see if this clears it up.

  3. Well, they shipped me a complete replacement printer.

    This one still makes a noise from it’s PSU, a slightly different (and more buzzy) tone of whistle. Opened the flap and checked the PSU. It’s Rev C. Like the one it’s meant to replace. Not Rev D.

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