DSL Diary – 18/10/12

You may have read my post regarding a spell of degradation on my home internet access – Interleaves on the Line?

The other recent addition to my home network is a RIPE Atlas probe – this is part of a large scale internet measurement project being run by the RIPE NCC. One of the advantages of hosting a probe is that you get access to the measurements running from your probe, and you can also get the collection platform to email you if your probe becomes unreachable for a long period.

As it turned out, my probe appeared to be down for half an hour last night, but I know I was using the internet connection just fine at that time, so maybe I’ll put that down to interruption between the probe and the collection apparatus?

Well, the current status is that the line has been up for seven days now, at just over 3Mb/sec, Interleaving off.

Still not the fastest connection, but at least it now seems to be more stable.

One thing I’ll keep my eye open for is if the line goes back to Interleaved, as the Atlas probe should show up the difference in latency that you get with Interleaving enabled.

2 thoughts on “DSL Diary – 18/10/12”

  1. It’s interesting that you were using your connection but the probe was not. Do you know whether this has implications for people who use the Atlas measurement data?

    1. Unlikely. Probes going up and down and losing contact with the collection platform back at the mothership is just part of the entropy of the system.

      It would be useful if you could see the actual uptime of the probe hardware as well as a reachability derived uptime we have now. Then it’s easier to understand if it was a loss of connectivity, or if the probe rebooted/lost power.

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