Customer Service is Crucial

When I need to get a memory upgrade for one of my own machines or for someone I know, I tend to go straight to Crucial. I usually don’t even bother looking anywhere else anymore. Thats where I went on Monday evening to order an upgrade for one of my machines.

Why? Well, partly because I’m lazy. Partly because I’m a man, and I mostly hate shopping. Even online.

But most of all, there’s a positive reason I’ll go back to Crucial. I’ve never been unhappy with their products or service, I’ve never had to return anything, they are competitively priced, and they always deliver things when they say they will, or do even better!

That memory upgrade I ordered on Monday night? I decided I’d pay the extra couple of quid to get it sent more quickly than their 3-5 day free standard postal delivery. I got an email yesterday, early evening, confirming my memory had been dispatched, and with a tracking number.

It arrived at about 0830 this morning, by Royal Mail Special Delivery, which costs us mere mortals about £6 if we go and send anything SD ourselves from the post office. Fantastic.

I know, I’m waxing lyrical about a company just going about it’s business of delivering the service and product I’ve paid for. But when you hear so often about companies who can’t keep their promises, it’s great when you find one that consistently can.

This Mac is much happier now, and I’m seeing fewer spinny beachballs.

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